Mineral Botanica was started in April 2015 by a couple, Widy Susindra and Anita Loeki. The husband and wife team returned from US in late 2010 to take over Anita’s family cosmetic contract manufacturing business.

Realizing that the business model was not perfect and needing a brand that will carry the legacy for the next generation, they decided to start
Mineral Botanica.

Mineral Botanica was born out of a necessity and also to fill a niche in the marketplace for cosmetic products that are innovative, exciting and fun. The idea of using minerals and plant extracts and marry that with technology to create color cosmetics, skin care and body care that Indonesians and the rest of the world are proud to use. Additionally, each product has to be beneficial, easy to use and affordable. Mineral Botanica also cares about the environment.

We pro actively seeks to use ingredients that are recyclable, do not contain harmful chemicals and avoid animal tested products. Small things that matter in the long run for the next generation. Our philosophy of outwardly inner beauty is also reflected in our core values that focus on empowerment and betterment. We seek to empower women to doing their best and also perfection in continuous improvements.

At Mineral Botanica, success is not a destination
but a journey, a progression to better things in life.