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Brightening Toner

Rp28,900 Rp25,432

Brush Kit Set

Rp239,900 Rp211,112

CC Cream

001 CC Beige 002 CC Natural 003 CC Deep Beige 004 CC Rosie Pink

Clarifying Cream

Rp49,900 Rp43,912
Out of stock
Out of stock
Out of stock

Eye Make Up Base

Rp23,900 Rp21,032

Eyebrow Pencil Black

Rp44,900 Rp39,512

Eyebrow Pencil Brown

Rp44,900 Rp39,512

Eyeliner Liquid

001 Black 002 Dazzling Blue 003 Hello Color Me Brown 004 Hello Azure Blue 005 Hello Mr. Grey 006 Jade Green 007 Imperial Purple

Eyeliner Pencil Black

Rp44,900 Rp39,512