1. Step By Step

You can check our latest products and promo by hovering your mouse or navigating through the product main menu. You can click each category to view more products or use the search button to look for products by it’s name, when you are ready to purchase simply add the product to your cart.

2. Register Account

You will be required to create MICA Account to purchase our products, this is so we can record your purchase and award MICA Points to you. You can do so by going to MY ACCOUNT > LOGIN / REGISTER now. Or simply continue shopping and create your account later on checkout.

3. Shipping & Address

By default your billing and shipping address will be the same, if you would like to order and ship to another address you can add more addresses by going to MY ACCOUNT > ADD ADDRESS. Once you have ordered you can use the saved address for quicker, easier checkout.

4. Cart & Checkout

You can check what’s in your cart any time by clicking the cart icon. Here you can see the content of the cart, remove items, or add more by going to VIEW CART and adjusting the amount of each products you would like to buy.

5. Payment Methods

We use bank transfer at the moment, please proceed with the payment in 24 hours for successful order. Each purchase will award MICA Points to your account, more on that on MICA Points FAQ.

Our bank account to receive payment: Widy Susindra 6370305577

Please confirm your payment via e-mail to: mineralbotanica@gmail.com

6. Others

All information you provided to MICA will be kept confidential and will not be shared to any third party, we value our customer’s privacy and data. Happy shopping!