Beautiful Lips

" Start Each Day With Your Favorite Lipstick And A Beautiful Smile "

Lip color is one of the most fun and accessible areas of make-up, and also one of the most noticeable. From pretty and natural through classic and sophisticated to glamorous and vampish, how we make up our lips change our mood in an instant. Lipsticks come in every texture imaginable – sheer, satin, metallic, frost, matte and high shine. Advanced formulas contain an array of moisturizing, hydrating, antioxidant, SPF, plumping, antifeathering, and line - smoothing ingredients. The finish you choose depends on the look you’re going for, the time of the year, and your age, skintone, and lip shape. Here are some pointers:

  • Light tinted glosses with a silky rather than sticky texture are low – maintenance and youthful.

  • Bright colors are more forgiving in a gloss finish than a matte one, which can look severe and aging.

  • Glossy, shiny, and frosted finishes make lips look fuller than opaque, matte finishes.

  • Lip stains look dark in their packaging but give the most natural wash of color.

  • Lipsticks requires greater precision in application than glosses and stains, both of which can be worn without lipliner and are easy to reapply on the go.

  • For a daytime, a sheer, moisturizing lipstick is casual and flattering; for evening matte lipstick has a vintage appeal and gives intense color with good staying power.

  • Gloss gives a light shine to a base of lipliner or lipstick. A glossy finish makes a pout full and sexy.

  • Matte lipstick can’t be beaten for a long-lasting no-shine finish, but choose a moisturizing formula.

  • Metallic lipstick bounces light off the lips, giving a reflective shine that’s great for a dramatic evening look.

  • Satin lipstick gives semi-sheer semi-matte finish. It has a hydrating formula and is super-flattering for everyday wear.

Lips are one of the few areas of the body that don’t have sweat glands, so the skin dries out more easily. No lipstick or gloss looks good on chapped lips and some matte lipsticts dry lips even more, while many plumpers contain ingredients that overstimulate and sting. If you have chapped lips, apply balm and after a few minutes massage gently with a soft tootbrush or muslin cloth. Alternatively, exfoliate gently with a lip polish or scrub. And another advice, when shopping for the perfect color and you can’t try on your lips, try lipstick on your fingertip – the skin there is most similar in color and texture to your lips and will give a fairly close representation of the effect.


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