Mineral Botanica Foaming Facial Wash

Hi everyone, do you know Mica was releasing new product earlier this year namely Foaming Facial Wash? Foaming Facial Wash is a new Mica breakthrough in cleaning products to deepen the cleansing against dirt and excess oil on the face. For those who are still curious about this product, we will review it this time relatively, check this out!

Many still confused about the differences of our products between Foaming Facial Wash, Facial Wash and Facial Foam; because the products have the same purpose to clean oil and dirt on the face as a double cleanser. Actually, in terms of texture the products already have a different texture; textured gel for Facial Wash, textured paste for Facial Foam, and textured foam for Foaming Facial Wash. When using Facial Foam you have to rub the paste to your palms until foaming for use on the face, but Foaming Facial Wash which has shaped foam can be directly used to clean the face. Another advantage of Foaming Facial Wash, your face will feel more moist than 2 other products after used because the moisturizing ingredients. Do not forget that we recommend three products used after use of cleansing milk for maximum results especially if your face is wearing a pretty thick makeup.

To use Foaming Facial Wash itself there is some special procedure as do not shake products to make the foam out, because the pump has changed its contents into a foam shape. Remove enough foam, can be half to one pump as needed; then apply on a slightly wet face for easy cleaning on the face. After that, rinse with cold water and dry with a towel. With pH balancenya content is also suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin that we recommended because of the soft texture products used on the face.

How? Interested enough to try it right? We have already released in our brightening and whitening series; we will also sell variants of acne and age defying soon enough. If you've ever tried and want to buy it again, we provide a refill pack that will soon be released for lovers of this Mica product. If usually the product can survive for 1-2 months usage, for the refill we give more so it can last for 2 months and more. Do not forget to use the toner afterward and other products series to keep your skin clean and weel cared. Have a nice day!

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