Beautiful At Any Age

Make-up can’t turn back time, but it can enhance natural beauty at any age.

Although many mature women wouldn’t dream of squeezing into the miniskirts or skimpy tops they wore in their youth, they are more than happy to continue wearing the same make-up. Begin your update by investigating the new colors and textures available and trying them out to see what looks most flattering. Remember: don’t let your make-up define you—use it to show your features to their best advantage.

Here is the tips looking young for longer

» Update the textures and colors of the make-up you use and how you apply it to make the best of your features and disguise signs of aging.

» 90 percent of the aging process can be traced back to sun exposure, so always wear a minimum of SPF 15.

» Mature skin dehydrates easily, making lines more prominent. Use a gentle cleanser, rich moisturizer, and a hydrating serum.

» Drink plenty of water and refresh the skin with a mineral spray.

» Fish oils, fruit, and vegetables keep the skin looking youthful, while cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine have a negative effect.

» As you age, reap the benefits of “smart” make-up, which is full of active anti-aging ingredients.

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