All About Acne Series

Hi Mineral Botanica Lovers, this time we will make special review about Acne Care Series because there are so many of incoming questions like which order of using series, how to use it, and others. Acne series is for everyone who has stubborn acne problems on her face; And we have developed some products to give you the solution. For now the Acne Care series of Mineral Botanica consists of :

  1. Acne Care Cleansing Milk
  2. Acne Care Facial Wash
  3. Acne Care Facial Foam
  4. Acne Care Toner
  5. Acne Care Serum
  6. Spot Treatment
  7. Acne Care Day Cream
  8. Acne Care Night Cream
  9. Acne Care Face Mist
  10. Acne Care Loose Foundation
  11. Acne Care Masque Charcoal Activated

The first step is to clean up. The main purpose of cleaning is to remove all dirt on the skin so that the skin becomes clean and does not cause acne. Use Cleansing Milk to clean makeup or dust attached to the face after a day of activity. Acne Cleansing Milk is also specially formulated for oily skin, so use in the morning and night routines to reduce excess oil on the face and make the skin soft and smooth. Apply Milk Cleanser directly on dry face, gently massage on face and then wipe with cotton. Next do a double-cleaning using Facial Wash or Facial Foam to make sure the skin is completely clean; By mixing a little with water until foaming, then apply on face and rinse clean. Usefulness of Facial Wash and Facial Foam is not much different, if the face does not wear makeup you can use Facial Wash because the texture is lighter than Facial Foam.

The second step is the tone. The main purpose of using toner is to refresh and close the pores on your face especially for those who have oily skin. Apply toner to cotton and use it by gently tapping on the face instead of rubbing it. If rubbed, the pores on the face will not close properly so that the dirt easily enter into the pores and cause acne on the face.

The last step is moisture. Use of moisturizer should be done to protect and maintain healthy skin from aging self. Use serum and then continue with day cream and morning cream at night. Acne Treatment Serum is formulated with a concentration of adansonia extract & antioxidants that are good for your skin health. Apply not only to face, but also to your neck with massage movement until serum is absorbed on skin. If there are acne scars or stubborn scars, use spot treatment afterwards to reduce redness or scar on your face. Wait 1-2 minutes until spot treatment is absorbed, then continue with the use of Day Cream and Night Cream Acne Series which is devoted to prevent infection in your acne.

In addition to the above routine maintenance, we also provide products such as Face Mist, Masque and Loose Foundation specifically for acne prone skin. Use Face Mist every day to keep skin moist, refresh the face, and reduce inflammation during outdoor activities. For Acne Treatment Masque is used once a week after the cleaning phase is complete. In general, owner of acne skin is recommended not to do facial masks because it can aggravate the skin condition, but our masque have a content that reduces the excess oil and dry acne on the face; so it is safe to use for acne skin prone. The last product is the Loose Foundation that is suitable for acne prone skin and contains anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent inflammation in your acne.

That’s our review and we expected to benefit all users of the Acne Series from Mineral Botanica. Stop using Acne Series if it is causing redness or irritation on your face. This can be caused by your skin allergic reaction to our products. Or you can consult us to CS@MINERALBOTANICA.COM for more information.

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