The Importance Of CPKB In Cosmetics Industry

Did you know? In 2014, Indonesia has found 68 cosmetics containing hazardous substances, consisting of 32 overseas cosmetics and 36 domestic cosmetics. It was surprising when almost everyone competes to beautify and take care of theirs face, suddenly harmful cosmetic news cames up and makes people stunned to have used the products mentioned dangerous. Public consumption of these products tends to increase, along with changes in people’s lifestyles including their consumption patterns. Meanwhile, people’s knowledge is still inadequate to be able to choose and use the product properly, correctly and safely.

In relation to this issue, Indonesia has a Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) that oversees drug and food products, as well as cosmetic products, to protect the safety, security and health of its consumers. The supervision of cosmetic products has been regulated in Good Cosmetic Making (CPKB), where the cosmetic industry and all related parties in all aspects and series of cosmetic manufacturing should refer to the Good Cosmetics Making Guide’s operational manual.

To meet consumer’s confidence in product quality, Mineral Botanica are equipped with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification for cosmetics industry or better known as CPKB (Good Cosmetics Making Way). Good Cosmetic Manufacture (CPKB) is basically a rule of how to achieve consistent quality in a product that is created to obtain authorization of distribution rights by authorized Cosmetics Agent in the market. Implementation of CPKB is a basic feasibility requirement to implement internationally recognized quality and security assurance systems. Especially to anticipate the era of globalization, the application of CPKB is an added value for Indonesian cosmetic products to compete with similar products from other countries both in domestic and international markets. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines product quality to meet the specified specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition and has been produced, labeled, and regulated under conditions to prevent counterfeiting.

We always strive to serve wholeheartedly to the satisfaction of consumer Mineral Botanica to always feel safe, comfortable and always satisfied with our service & products. Besides being equipped with GMP certificates, our products have also been registered to MUI to obtain HALAL certificate so it is safe to use by Moslems.

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