Hi Mica Lovers, how’s your new year going, something new? For those of you who are waiting for the latest products from Mineral Botanica especially our Lip Cream, we have just launched a new color namely Cranberries Red. From the name you can already imagine the red color will be like a fruit Cranberries, not too dark and not too bright. Here are some tips from us for best results!

If you want to avoid full use of cranberries color, you can use your lipstick alternative by simply checking it out. Use your finger (finger with a light touch) for a light lipstick on your lips; Then another finger to blend the lipstick to get a very smooth and natural color; suitable for daytime. You want to wear your cranberry lipstick at night? Or want to keep it all day? The answer is use a lip liner! Do not forget to choose a color that matches your natural lip color, you do not want a liner that is too dark or too bright. Fusion is the key!

The lips of cranberries, at all levels of intensity, appear in harmony with the soft, minimalist makeup. Dark and heavy eye makeup will tend to look too much. So use a nude or beige colored eyeshadow and finish with a simple eye liner and mascara when wearing cranberry lipstick.

So how? Ready to make color cranberries become your favorite color this year? Currently available on or you can contact us by Whatsapp for fast response. We wish you a great start this Year, have a nice day!

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