How To Use Pro Oval Brush Set

Hello everyone, it seems there are still many of you who confused about how to use Pro Oval Brush Set from Mineral Botanica. In this article we will try to explain in detail about how to use it, its maintenance, and what products can be used using Pro Oval Brush Set Studio Series from Mineral Botanica, so check this!

Pro Oval Brush Set of Mineral Botanica consists of 6 kinds of brush that provides flawless coverage for your make up look, using synthetic hair that does not absorb cosmetics, firm grip handle design for easy application on face, and tilted brush tip. From highlighting to contouring, this series gives you so many options for doing your make up. The brushes have a spherical design that is perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks. With so many different sized brush to choose from, you can achieve any look you want!

We start from the biggest brush, or we can call it as foundation brush. Application of the foundation using this brush is quite diverse, you can use it by applying liquid foundation on the face and then smooth it using this brush; Or apply the liquid foundation on the back of the hand first to afterwards applied to the face with a circular motion until evenly. In addition, this brush can also be used to apply the powder by patting it gently on the face. If the brush feels too big to use on your face, you can use the next brush which is slightly smaller than the previous one.

Next, switch to third and fourth brush which has oval and smaller size to the highlight & contour on face. This brush is also recommended for blending (especially liquid cosmetic) on the face to make the results look more natural such as giving a blush on the cheek or smooth over concealer color at the bottom of the eye. If you use solid-powder cosmetic ingredients, you can use this brush without rubbing on too much cosmetics, the results will be instantly visible when you blend the product on your face in a single polish.

The fifth brush is suitable for applying eyeshadow on the eyes and blends more detail concealor on the area under your eyes. Last but not least, the sixth brush with a different shape than others is suitable for highlighting & contouring the nose, or blending eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes. Its small and tapered shape can also allow you to provide detail on some parts such as lips or fill the color on your eyebrows.

After your make up is done, don’t forget to always take care and clean the brush for durable use in a long time. For used brush with liquid or creamy cosmetic can be cleaned using liquid soap and rubbed gently to the base rubbing to remove any residual cosmetics that are still attached to the brush. If a used brush using powder or solid powder, it can be gently pounded or spray a little water on the brush and rub it on the cotton until the rest of the cosmetics are clean from the brush.

That’s the explanation we can give to all of you, but the best result is when you try to use the brush directly in accordance with the comfort of you using a brush from Mineral Botanica for your makeup results to the fullest. Have a nice day!

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