Highlighting & Contouring Tips

Hi Mica Lovers! Have you known our newly released product? Yes. It is the highlight and contour stick. The creamy formulation eases you to blend seamlessly, giving the perfect natural finish as if you’re naturally contoured and highlighted. It is available in three shades, Butter Milk – Mocha which is fitted for fair skin, Corn Flake – Cream Cookies for medium skin, and Latte Caramel for dark and tan skin. For you who’s still struggling to contour and highlight, or who’s just started to learn how to, we’re giving you easy tips on how to achieve the perfect contoured and highlighted look. With our highlight and contour stick, contouring is made easy! Let’s welcome the first Indonesian made highlight and contour stick by Mineral Botanica. Who’s excited?

Light colors highlight and draw areas forward, while dark colors shade and push them back. Employing these techniques together lets you manipulate ligh and shadow on your face to create illusions.Use highlighter on the higher planes of the face, such as cheekbones, browbone, nose, chin, under the eyes, inside the tear ducts, and the Cupid’s bow of lips — the idea is to mimic the effect of light on the face. Highlighters can be matte or shimmery, with light reflectors for extra luminosity, but those with a very high shimmer aren’t subtle enough for a lot of contouring work.

As for contouring, this technique is often talked about but little understood. Done badly, it can look as if lines have been “drawn” on the face, but when it is done well, the shape of the face is subtly altered. The opposite of highlighting, where a lighter color is used to draw out or bring forward, contouring uses darker color to hollow or recede. Use two shades darker than your skin tone for better result.

After mapping your face, take a damp beautyblender and tap over the area of the contour color, merging it into your base foundation; or you can use our oval brushes. Tap in small circular motions using the medium size brush, but for details like the sides of the nose, you can used the smallest brush. Last but not least, after the highlight and contours blend well with the foundation, dust all over the face with a loose powder using soft brush. Keep practicing because the best results are not just one experiment, have a nice day!

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