The month of fasting will end soon and we will be welcoming The Eid Mubarak Holiday in less than a week! We at mineral botanica would like to share with you flawless makeup tips for this summer season. Check this out!

When the weather heats up, it can be hard to keep up with looking your best. You need to protect your skin from the scorching sun and prevent it from drying out in the air-conditioning, but any heavy makeup products you use to help with those problems can leave skin feeling and looking greasy. In addition, you want make-up that looks natural but stays on all day, so you look cool and lovely all day.

Here are the tips: first of all, you need Protection And Hydration. Keep skin hydrated and protected with a Day Cream that provides UV protection for your skin. You may prefer to use an additional sun block to protect your skin from UV and pollution using BB or CC Cream that constantly moisturizes while feeling light on the skin.

To make a light long-lasting make-up, you can use liquid foundation and use it only on specific area only. Heavy foundation not only slide and crease in warm weather, but also feel uncomfortable and require powder to set them. Powder mineral foundation is fantastic for oily skin, as it helps absorb oils and contains SPF. If you tan easily, you may need a darker shade in the summer to avoid a “pale mask” effect. If your skin starts to become oily, you can “mop up” the shine with blotting tissues.

Groomed brows give the most natural look a certain polish, you can pluck any stray hairs two or three times a week and trim any that are too long. Keep a neutral eyeshadow palette in your make-up bag and treat yourself to one or two new colors, then master a new style. Use light, natural eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer for daytime and apply mascara only on the upper lashes to avoid panda eyes. Lash tint or waterproof mascara last better in the heat. Give black eyeliner a rest until fall and use a neutral brown instead, or try blue or jade for a colorful change.

As for your lips, sheer balms and glosses look more summery and natural than heavy lipsticks that stay on all day, but they need to be reapplied frequently. Kill two birds with one stone by using a sheer balm that contains SPF to care for your lips but also has a tint to add some color. Make sure they’re ultra-moisturizing and contain SPF.

Enjoy the holidays!

That’s our tips for you and as written above, we have some recommendation products from Mineral Botanica that you can use to live the Eid day:

Protection & Hydration Skin : Acne Care / Brightening Day Cream, BB Cream, CC Cream, Air Cushion Foundation

Make Up

Face : Original Loose Foundation, Blush On

Eye : Eye Shadow Classic / Eye Shadow Seri D Day To Day, Volumizing And Lightening Mascara, Eyeliner Liquid

Lips : Moisturizing Lipstick, Moisturizing Lip Gloss, Tres Lip

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